We're working from home (now with picnic's)

Main line will find us 09 489 7738 or email team@takapunatax.co.nz

Please note:  Staff are not all working normal business hours to cope with the confides of working from home with a full house, some with restless children, some with restless partners or pets.  If phoning, leave a message and we will get back to you.


Welcome to Takapuna Tax Services

From our fresh, modern getting dated offices located in Takapuna, (with satelite offices in Whangaparaoa and Hamilton) our approach is relaxed and straightforward and firmly focused on delivering sound accounting advice, practical solutions and specialised taxation services. 

You won't see us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so forth, spending your money trumpting our services looking for new clients.  Whilst social media advertising is something we certainly see value in for a number of our clients, and we have some clients who are exceptional in providing this servce should your business warrant it, for us, in our profession, we simply focus on getting your business humming, that's our best advertising avenue, and not surprisingly it works for you too.  Our advice is taylored to your needs.

COVID 19 - Info here  COVID 19 Update and Informaton

Our philosophy is simple:

We believe in offering straightforward accounting, taxation and business advisory solutions that are reliable,  practical and serve your best interests.  

We also believe in personal service. Many new clients have come to us through referrals from existing clients, who are pleased with the high level of personal attention they receive. We foster relationships that are enduring based on trust and integrity with our own dash of personality.

New clients are always welcome.  It's a two way street.  Lets connect and get going.


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