We are just like you

Real people with real hopes and dreams.

And like you we have faced the ups and downs that come with business ownership.

Our goal has always been to be more than just book keepers. Our passion is to use our knowledge and expertise to help our clients grow their business so their hopes and dreams can be realised.

It's what drives us to continually look for ways to improve our services so that we share in your success. We are a group of passionate professionals who can help you in a number of ways.

Whether it’s keeping the tax department happy, understanding your bank manager, understanding your figures, or even more importantly growing your business - you can talk to us.

CarleenBoot_Closeup_SM2.pngCarleen Boot

Carleen has been with Takapuna Tax Services for coming upto 17 years, yes those kids she brought into the office in pushchairs are now at university or working.  She puts her heart and soul into her work and strives to meet the client's needs. She enjoys her colleagues and making the workplace fun and vibrant.

Originally from Whangarei, Carleen has spent most of her life in Auckland. When she's not working, Carleen enjoys being Mum & Step Mum to four teenagers, young adults now, being gym bunny, playing social netball, being partner to Neil and maintaining their lifestyle (I say life sentence) property.

Email Carleen today to discuss your business and tax questions.

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